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Matje´s time!

It's that time again. The Matjes season in Germany opens from June 12th and you can get the specially refined herring fresh from the counter in the Poseidon am Viktualienmarkt. You can enjoy the matjes in different variations on the spot on our summer terrace or indoors, or you can buy and prepare them at home. A popular variant is the housewife-style matjes. We'll also reveal our in-house recipe here. Have fun copying!

Homemade-style pickled herring

For 2 person

- 6 Matjes fillets 

- 1 Apple

- 1/2 Cucumber 

- 1/2 red onion

- 250g Crème Fraîche 

- Salt and pepper

Preparation :

Cut the Matjes fillets, the apple, the cucumber and the red onion into bite-size, large pieces. Now mix everything together with the Crème Fraîche and then taste it with salt and pepper.


A piece of white bread and a glass of white wine go perfectly with it.

Of course you can get the matjes, bread and wine directly from us.


Enjoy your meal!

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